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Why I chose HackerYou

November 24, 2014

I just completed the Full-Time Front-End Web Development bootcamp at HackerYou and I’m really proud of all I’ve accomplished in 9 quick weeks. As this type of “bootcamp” education is a fairly new concept, I thought I’d shed some light on why I chose HackerYou over so many other courses and options out there.

  1. Heather Payne is at the top of this list. As the CEO, she personally interviews each candidate that enters the bootcamp and selects only the people that she can see will be a good fit for the program and will ultimately succeed in the industry. She boasts a near 0% dropout rate and is proud to say it because she picks the best – with 101 total HackerYou bootcamp grads out in the world to prove it.
  2. An 8:1 ratio of mentors/instructors to students, not to mention all of the previous HackerYou graduates who are always available to teach and help. We were – and continue to be – surrounded by smart people who are always more than willing to share their skills and experience.
  3. With a big project due each week, we didn’t just learn new skills, we immediately applied them. Spending a lot of time in our text editors pushing ourselves to build amazing websites with an end goal of building awesome portfolios.
  4. We covered all of the latest technologies, without a set-in-stone curriculum, our teachers adapted as new technology became industry standard and made adjustments based on the students needs and requests.
  5. And finally – because the job interview is the final exam. There are no midterms in the real world, there is Google in the real world. We didn’t spend our time cramming for exams, we spent our time actually building websites and making stellar portfolios with a goal of getting hired.  HackerYou teaches students how to be resourceful, read the documentation and get projects done, all while considering best practices in order to do the work properly.

I can now proudly say that I am part of the HackerYou alumni family and it feels so good.

HackerYou Recap: Week 7

November 5, 2014

  • WordPress week! We covered: PHP, configuring wordpress, themes, plugins, widgets and navigation, troubleshooting and deploying
  • We built our own WordPress themes – you’ll see mine featured in my portfolio (coming soon!)
  • I mentored another Ladies Learning Code workshop – Intro to WordPress with Jessica Duarte
  • Zoe spoke to us about building a strong resume – she also wrote an excellent blog post with her top tips here
  • We had a great panel on freelancing by SarahJana, DanielleKristenMarg and Peter
  • And finally – we enjoyed some spooky Halloween festivities:

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 6.44.15 PM

HackerYou Recap: Week 5 + 6

October 27, 2014

  • We covered: working with APIs, AJAX, API Documentation, Regular Expressions, Git and Github, command line, Grunt and building jQuery plugins
  • We developed web apps using APIs, my classmates made some really amazing stuff, including this movie trivia app by Matt
  • We built a jQuery plugin complete with documentation: see my plugin here
  • We did a crash course on Angular
  • I mentored my second Ladies Learning Code workshop – this time it was an Intro to HTML5 and Responsive Design
  • We had a very informative panel discussion on working full-time as a front-end web developer with former HackerYou grads: Emily, Matt, Simon, Logan and Tom
  • And finally – Aaron Morris came in for a lunch’n’learn to show us the amazing work done by Jam3, including their Future Self campaign, here’s Frank talking to his future self:

 Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 2.45.04 PM

HackerYou Recap: Week 4

October 14, 2014

  • Javascript week! We covered: control flow, functions, objects, arrays, jQuery, debugging and best practices
  • Our weekly project was a pairs project – I had the privilege of working with Jill and our awesome jQuery database will be shared on here soon…
  • We had a super useful talk on accessibility by Billy Gregory
  • I got really excited about Mint and Slicy
  • Had my mind blown by this Javascript 3D library
  • And finally – mastered fizzbuzz!


Image via Lisa French Tech

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