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My fashion week takeaway: Think Less, Do More

September 17, 2015

New York Fashion Week is in full swing and it feels like its more present than ever before. Videos are flooding my snapchat, photos are pouring from blogs and YouTube sensations everywhere are shouting from their video platforms with opinions and thoughts on runway trends. It’s a media field day and I’m eating it up.

More than anything though – it is straight up impressive. Jay Buim recently mentioned that while working at Fashion Week, he shot, edited, produced and uploaded 21 videos in 7 days (!!!) Journalists are running around to shows, sharing content on their social platforms, writing detailed reviews, interviewing designers, mingling, all while looking fabulous and being photo ready at every moment.

While I’m not condoning the idea of fast media, nor do I find these habits in any way healthy, what I do take away from it is that humans are capable of extraordinary things when put under tight timelines and intense pressure. Editors, videographers, photographer and designers across New York are at full capacity this week. There’s no time to over-analyze, efficiency is the name of the game and hitting “publish” as early and as often as possible is what will make or break you.

So I’m going to harness this energy, a philosophy of doing more and thinking less. It’s time I hit “publish” on some of the ideas that have been collecting dust, not quite “perfect” enough to put out in the world. Because watching Fashion Week has been a reminder that it’s better to get it done than have it be perfect.

Image credit: Unsplash and Vogue Runway

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