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November 5, 2014

  • Sublime Text – if you take only one tool from this list, let it be Sublime Text, most of the web development community will agree that this is the best text editor available – and if you want to dig deeper into the shortcuts and tools available, check out “Sublime Text Power User” by HackerYou teacher Wes Bos
  • Emmet – a Sublime Text shortcuts tool, it significantly improves efficiency as you code (here’s a full list of the shortcuts)
  • Can I Use… – resource for cross-browser compatibility
  • Responsinator – lets you input any website and shows you what that site looks like on different devices
  • Unheap – a useful and user-friendly repository of jQuery plugins
  • – helps you build and test API requests
  • Font Awesome – I use this for the social icons, it allows you to incorporate them into your HTML and style with CSS like any text on your page
  • Noun Project – an amazing database of icons, most of which are available for free and can be downloaded as PNGs or SVGs
  • Pesticide – Chrome extension that outlines all the divs on any web page – surprisingly useful
  • WhatFont – Chrome extension that allows you to hover over text on any website to find out what font was used
  • Panda – Chrome extension that replaces your Google homepage and gives you the latest news in the web development and design communities
  • 0to255 – enter a hex value and you’re given a gradient of that colour to choose from

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