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Monthly Archives: October 2014

HackerYou Recap: Week 5 + 6

  • We covered: working with APIs, AJAX, API Documentation, Regular Expressions, Git and Github, command line, Grunt and building jQuery plugins
  • We developed web apps using APIs, my classmates made some really amazing stuff, including this movie trivia app by Matt
  • We built a jQuery plugin complete with documentation: see my plugin here
  • We did a crash course on Angular
  • I mentored my second Ladies Learning Code workshop – this time it was an Intro to HTML5 and Responsive Design
  • We had a very informative panel discussion on working full-time as a front-end web developer with former HackerYou grads: Emily, Matt, Simon, Logan and Tom
  • And finally – Aaron Morris came in for a lunch’n’learn to show us the amazing work done by Jam3, including their Future Self campaign, here’s Frank talking to his future self:

 Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 2.45.04 PM

HackerYou Recap: Week 4

October 14, 2014

  • Javascript week! We covered: control flow, functions, objects, arrays, jQuery, debugging and best practices
  • Our weekly project was a pairs project – I had the privilege of working with Jill and our awesome jQuery database will be shared on here soon…
  • We had a super useful talk on accessibility by Billy Gregory
  • I got really excited about Mint and Slicy
  • Had my mind blown by this Javascript 3D library
  • And finally – mastered fizzbuzz!


Image via Lisa French Tech

HackerYou Recap: Week 3

October 6, 2014

  • We covered: responsive design, cross-browser testing, CSS transitions, transforms and animations, SVGs and working with image files, Sass (and CSS preprocessors in general) and working with grids
  • We had an excellent lunch’n’learn on creative process with Dre Labre – Creative Director at Rethink (they came up with the Molson Canadian beer fridge)
  • Learned about useful tools like Project Parfait, Dash and Responsinator
  • I wrote a blog post on how to make a GIF using images in Photoshop
  • I stopped by the Girls Learning Code Nuit Blanche exhibit
  • And played an epic game of GIANT, WIZARD, ELF (for details on rules, please inquire below):


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